The World's Only Historically Accurate Recreation of 
Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Train

Lincoln Funeral Train replica artwork
Jill Bradshaw original oil painting created for the exterior of the Lincoln funeral train car
Lincoln funeral train 1865 photograph used for artistic reference

The Abraham Lincoln 'funeral train', originally built in 1864, was the first luxury train of its kind and the mid-century equivalent to Air Force One because it was built to accommodate the living President and his Cabinet as he would travel around the country. Unexpectedly, Abraham Lincoln was never able to ride the train alive. Instead, the luxurious modern marvel carried his body and coffin on a historic 1,662 mile 12-day tour from Washington DC, through 180 cities, to his hometown of Springfield, Illinois - his final resting place. An estimated 50,000 Americans had the opportunity to participate in Lincoln's funeral, view his open casket, and mourn his death, as the funeral train stopped in 12 major cities for formal funeral ceremonies along the way. Tragically, in 1911, the train was destroyed in a fire, leaving behind only the metal frame.

Lincoln Funeral Train replica
Historically accurate rebuilt Lincoln funeral train car


Jill Bradshaw was contacted by master locomotive builder, David Kloke, who undertook the monumental endeavor of rebuilding Lincoln's funeral car and full-size steam locomotive - Jill was hired to recreate the train car's historic artwork. Having only black and white photos from 1864 as her resource, she created oil paintings for the train car's exterior, replicating what once existed. Resurrected from the ashes of history, the full-scale replica train car, along with its 4-0-0 locomotive counterpart, was completed to honor the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's death in 2015 and traveled throughout the country, visiting cities throughout the United States on tour.


In 2019, the replica train car and steam locomotive was purchased by Stone Gables Estate in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, where the original Lincoln funeral train passed through on April 22, 1865. Today, on the beautiful 275-acre grounds of Stone Gables Estate, the replica train resides on the original 1865 railbed, embarking on railroad tours enjoyed by visitors from around the world. The experience takes tourists back in time with their 'Lincoln Funeral Train Reenactment' involving Civil War historians, re-enactors, period musicians, and historic lectures, while offering tours of the estate's historic Star Barn Village and Ironstone Ranch.

lincoln funeral train reenactment
'Lincoln Funeral Train Reenactment' at Stone Gables Estate in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania